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Electron Microscopy Services

We provide transmission electron microscopy (TEM) services for ultrastructural pathology of animal and plant samples as well as bacterial, fungi, and viral particle identification, tabulation, quantitation, and characterization. Additional image analysis and stereology allow for quantitative assessment of electron microscopy images.

Service charge 150$  (A Maximum of 10 Images will be given per sample). If you need further analysis of the images that will for an extra charge ( 50$)



Equipment specification:


JEM-2100 Electron Microscope

  • Working Voltage : 80,100,120,160,200 kV

  • Magnification : ×2,000 to 1,500,000

  • TEM mode : 20-200 nm

  • Resolution : 0.194 nm (point)

  • Detector: Charge Couple Device (CCD)



Sample Preparation / Fixation

Sample preparation and fixation is a highly specific task related to each sample type and is therefore primarily the responsibility of the user to carry out. Our staff can guide users during sample preparation and the prober fixation to use.


If you have any questions regarding your sample preparation, please contact us for further details (contact info).

Image by CDC
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